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Behavior Program Assistant (BPA) - CLOSED

Position Description


  • Implementing Behavior Intervention Plans: The BPA  implements the behavior intervention plans developed by the Behavior Analyst, follow specific strategies and techniques to address challenging behaviors and promote positive behaviors in individuals.

  • Collecting Data: The BPA is responsible for collecting data on the individual's behaviors as outlined in the behavior intervention plan. This may involve recording occurrences of target behaviors, duration, intensity, and other relevant factors. Accurate data collection helps track progress and make informed decisions.

  • Providing Direct Supervision Overlap: The BPA works directly with BTs and trainees to provide support and guidance in implementing behavior plans and skill acquisition goals . The duties also include modeling skill-building activities, reinforcement strategies, and social interactions. In addition, the BPA will provide feedback to BTs and Trainees on their performance. 

  • Conducting PEF: The BPA conducts PEF on BTs to ensure programs are implemented correctly and give feedback to BTs during the procedure. The PEF also helps to support the BT and allow them to grow clinically. Informal assessments and check-ins are also conducted throughout the training process by the BPA. 

  • Conducting Training: The BPA conducts initial clinical training to groups of trainees or newer BTs using Hearts of ABA Initial Clinical Training. 

  • Collaborating with Supervisors and Admins: The BPA will communicate and collaborate with their supervisors regarding trainee's and client's updates/progress, concerns or issues, scheduling changes, etc.

  • Documenting Progress: The BPA maintains detailed documentation of the individual's progress on their appropriate sessions notes  including data sheets and session notes on the client's learning tree.  This documentation helps evaluate the  BTs/trainees' growth and effectiveness of the interventions. 


  • Bachelor’s degree in any field (preferred but not required)

  • 600 hours of direct billing to the clients (preferred but not required)

  • Display ABA clinical skills independently

  • Display leadership skills

  • Demonstrate high standards of professionalism

  • Demonstrate company's culture and values

Benefits (in addition to the standard BT's package):

  • Competitive rate to match new responsibilities

  • Performance-based promotion and bonuses

  • Opportunities to obtain ABA licenses and certificates

  • Opportunities for career advancement

  • Opportunities for collaboration with clinical and management teams on training

  • Opportunities for BCBA certification mentorship and transitioning into a Supervisor-in-Training position


We have multiple positions open for BPA.

​To apply for this position (current employee ONLY), please send an email to

Email Title: First Name Last Name - BPA Application

In the email, please write an essay (250 - 350 words) explaining why you feel this position is a good fit for you.

This application period has closed.

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