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Behavior Technician Trainer (Internal hiring only)

Position Description


  • Training Behavior Technicians (BTs) to implement behavior management and skill acquisition treatment plans (assisting clients with day to day activities, monitor their behaviors, record and collect data, communicate with clients, etc.)

  • Support BTs as they work with individuals with autism on how to communicate, play, make friends, and function independently

  • Model appropriate behavior strategies and intervention goals to BTs and provide feedback when needed 

  • Communicate with supervisors on the clinical growth of BTs and client's progress

  • Travel to local sites, such as client's home, school, community

  • Collaborating with treatment teams by participating in clinical meetings

  • Model data collection methodologies for BTs 

  • Provide clinical training to newly hires, trainees, or current BTs as needed

  • Monitor and track clinical progress of BTs


  • Bachelor’s degree in any field preferred but not required

  • At least 1,000 hours as a BT with Hearts of ABA

  • Have worked in multiple settings within Hearts of ABA 

  • Three consecutive Performance Evaluation Feedback (PEF) at 90% of higher prior to the application date for the trainer position

  • Have worked with both Regional Center and private insurance clients for at least 6 months 

  • Have reliable transportation (valid driver’s license and current auto insurance)

  • Good written and verbal communications

  • Highly punctual and professional

  • Flexible with schedule and ability to adapt to weekly or daily changes

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Basic proficiency in MS Office and Google cloud products

  • Desire for self-improvement and helping other team members

  • Bilingual Vietnamese or Spanish preferred but not required

Benefits (in addition to the standard BT's package):

  • Competitive rate to match new responsibilities

  • Performance-based promotion and bonuses

  • More scheduling flexibility

  • Opportunities to obtain ABA licenses and certificates

  • Opportunities for career advancement

  • Opportunities for collaboration with clinical and management teams on training

  • Opportunities for BCBA certification mentorship and transitioning into a Supervisor-in-Training position

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